3D Fabrication Committee Meeting

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3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 10/27/2018

Time, Place

10/27/2018 6:00 P.M. Conference Room


Called to order 6:05 P.M.

Facebook Account Axey has login Jay set to get info from her

Get in touch with designers to create 3D Fab Logo

Start Office hours and Maintenance days

Look into using Simplify 3D vs Kisslicer

Look to see and we can get Kisslicer to Default back on every start up

More the one Printer at a time Rule It's OK as long as no one is in Queue

Make more samples for Resin printer class

Tool list for more tools

Discussed New Expansion Plans

Plastic Recycler Contact original owner possibly donate to Plastic Interest Group

Rifd Form labs Cabinet about done

No PLA on the poly printers

Stickers for Filament stating what type of filament it is

Voted to Change 3D Meeting to the 1st Saturday Every Month @ 6 P.M. Passed unanimously

Recertify Training for teachers on machines

Exit interviews Sheets on Classes


Joshua W

Tim Capt Black

Max Kirkland

John Thummel

Jayson Woods

Ty Thompson

John a. Gorman

William Petefish