2022 Statement of Intent - James Henningson

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Hello, my name is James Henningson, MrJimmy on talk, and I am running for reelection to the board of directors. Over the past three terms it has been my pleasure to serve the membership and help the space prosper through the pandemic. The best part of serving this community has been getting the opportunity to assist in the growth of the North Texas maker community. Through the work on the 2021 board we have positioned the space to be prosperous as the covid restrictions are lifted and life returns to normal. If reelected I pledge to continue the work of moving the space forward. I would be honored to be able to continue my service to the Dallas Makerspace. If I am reelected to the board of directors I will continue to be an advocate for the entire membership. My goals for DMS in 2022 are:

  • Complete the Woodshop, Laser and Automotive construction
  • Leverage the partnerships we built in 2021, including UTD, UNT, UTA, TCCC and The Pocket Sandwich Theater, to help grow the entire North Texas maker community.
  • Continue to improve our business operations to allow us to survive the current and future economic climate.
  • Promote social and community events at the makerspace when restrictions are fully lifted.

Thanks, James Henningson

Endorsements: Curt Baker, Jason Harner, Ian Lee, Julie Harris, Justin Walker