2020 Statement of Intent - Curtis Baker

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2020 Statement of Intent Curtis Baker

Hello, my name is Curtis Baker, (on talk I am BobTheMad - very old nickname, ask me sometime for the backstory), and I am running for election to the DMS Board of Directors. I have been a member since 2015, and this will be my first time running for the DMS-BOD. I would bring numerous skills and significant experience to the table, including:

  • 20+ year IT professional with significant managerial experience
  • 10+ years experience volunteering with 501(c)(3) organizations - Including 4 years in regional leadership positions
  • ~3 years of leadership experience with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion groups
  • Multiple university degrees - currently working on Master's in Business Administration
  • Multiple certifications in process & organizational improvement (ITIL v3 certified Expert)
  • I make art, and sometimes even satisfied with the results

My leadership philosophy can be summed up in the following ways:

  • Mutual Respect: For a group to function, members must respect each other. We will, at times, disagree - but we must never fall to the level of disrespecting each others views, beliefs, opinions, and decisions
  • Enthusiastic Support: Leadership exists to serve the organization, not the other way around. Leadership should enthusiastically support the organization to the best of their abilities
  • Radical Honesty: This includes: being honest with each other, being honest with those outside the group, and being honest with ourselves.
  • Audacious Optimism: We must all believe that there is a "better way". If we are to improve, we must be willing to take an honest look at ourselves, our processes, etc. and determine if they still meet our needs. Very little should be considered sacrosanct.
  • Grit: Sticking with things, even if the going gets tough.

More details on my professional experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/curtisrbaker/

I look forward to being able to further serve the fantastic DMS community.


- Curtis Baker

Endorsements: James Henningson, Julie Harris, Freddy Calvert, Patrick Thompson, Ken Purcell, Kevin Thompson