2020 - Statement of Intent - Brad Sims

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2020 Statement of Intent for Brad Sims

Hi, my name is Brad Sims, brsims on talk. I am running to be elected to the DMS board of directors. I was appointed to the Board on January 22, 2020, to fill a position left open by resignation. Prior to that, I was appointed to the office of Treasurer in August of 2019. Before that I was Blacksmithing Chair, and Vice-chair. I’ve been a member since 2015.

When started working with Blacksmithing, it was a committee on the verge of dissolution, having not taught a class in more than a year. A few of us decided to save it, came together, and started teaching and practicing. Now it’s is one of, if not the, most vibrant and active groups of blacksmithing enthusiasts in North Texas. There is a long chain on the wall of the metal-shop that shows a portion of the number of people we have been fortunate to introduce to that art, open forges continue (or did before the current pandemic).

Last year, I was asked by the Board of Directors to take on the position of Treasurer. When I came to the position, the office was suffering from issues relating to confusion regarding its reporting obligations and an honorarium system that simply wasn’t working. I moved swiftly to repair DMS’s ability to publish accurate financial reports that any member can access any time of the day or night and to propose an honorarium system that is encouraging to teachers without being fiscally irresponsible.

I also moved to implement financial controls that had been promised for more than a year but had never been implemented. These controls contain provisions that would have either prevented or made some of the fraud and abuse that has occurred in the past much easier to see and correct as well as increasing transparency for all members. These controls as well as careful management of our finances have left the organization well-positioned to weather the current difficulties imposed by Covid-19 and to complete the expansion into suite 102.

At the end of the day, I’m not much one for politics. I thought long and hard about this election and whether I wanted to be a part of it. Ultimately, I decided to enter because we are in a difficult situation that could easily spell the end of the organization if the wrong choices are made on the upcoming ballot and make no mistake, those problem choices will be right there on the page. My overarching goal is to ensure our continued success through calm, measured, leadership; a commitment to absolute fairness; and dedication to fiscal responsibility.

Let’s finish the expansion and get the 102-warehouse looking great. Let’s boost our membership and continue to provide this important resource to the community. Let’s do it all together without petty bickering and infighting.

Endorsements: James Henningson, Julie Harris, Freddy Calvert, M. Blatz, Judy Kriehn, Mike Churchill, Patrick Thompson, Jeff Ray, Kevin Thompson