2019 Statement of Intent Scott Blevins

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Scott Blevins

This communication serves as formal notification that I, Scott Blevins (@Scott_Blevins on TALK and Discord), am officially submitting my name to run for election to the Dallas Makerspace's 2019-2020 Board of Directors.

Skills and Experience to be Leveraged While Serving on the Board:

  • University of Texas at Austin / Bachelor of Science; College of Communications
  • 15 years in corporate management; Silicon Valley tech. sector
  • 10 years in business process re-engineering and global project governance
  • Global technology manager for one of the world’s largest transportation and logistics companies
  • Currently managing 75-100 direct reports (variable based on project ebb and flow)
  • Former Vice-Chair of Team Laser
  • Father of three teenagers (my most valuable qualification by far)
  • DMS Interests (or Where You Can Find Me)
    • Resin SIG
    • Laser Committee
    • Woodshop: Lathes
    • Creative Arts: Leatherworking, Silhouette Cameo, Vinyl Cutter
    • Classes Taken: Every chance I get!

Board Platform/Goals:

  • Support and facilitate responsibility and transparency in DMS financial matters wherever possible.
  • Support and actively advocate for increased transparency in both Board and Committee affairs.
  • Empower leadership roles with a focus on removing the Board from day-to-day management, reinforcing Committee responsibilities and ensuring separation of powers. I believe that no one person should serve in too many roles at one time and that most day-to-day operations occur at the Committee level.
  • Support DMS’ member culture, e.g., growing the volunteer mindset, valuing and recognizing member contributions, public-facing and member-facing community building.
  • Support reasonable and prudent execution of the ongoing DMS Expansion effort, tying major milestones to forecasted expenditures to help ensure cash flow disruptions are minimized where possible.

Leadership Mantras:

  • I believe in servant leadership, collaboration and consensus building to achieve goals and foster a strong sense of teamwork and investiture.
  • Do not come to me with any problem or issue for which you haven’t already developed at least one proposed solution to said problem. We are ALL in the problem solving business.

Thank you for your consideration.

/s Ray Scott Blevins

Nominated by: Stephenie Webb, Ken Purcell, Erik Smith, M. Blatz