2019 Statement of Intent Charles Procter

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My name is Charles Procter . I am announcing my candidacy for a seat on the board of directors of Dallas maker space. I have been a member for just over a year.

The space is an excellent social club with tools, however in the last year the leader of the expansion group, a licensed Professional Engineer, was accused of misconduct, the Board of Directors was accused of misconduct. The finance committee was disciplined. And a vehicle of questionable Providence and value was disposed of for $25, and one of our members obtained a corporate contribution under questionable circumstances.

This is suggestive of inadequate management. Volunteer time is un-billed but not value less, in the toxic environment that exists it isn’t surprising that people, including me, are reluctant to be involved.

I would propose expanding the Board of Directors to nine persons, publicly establishing formal advisory groups with known members to deal with specific situations, or ongoing management policy formulation.

I propose that adult subscribers be awarded voting rights by default and become members in good standing as described in the bylaws. This permits the advisory groups to be officers of the corporation. I would require officers to be made aware of and that acknowledge an understanding of the requirements and responsibilities legally required of officers of a corporation.

I would review the recommendations of our accountants and implement them in a manner that best suits the purposes of the corporation. It seems foolish to pay an accounting firm and then ignore their recommendations. I note that the standard policy is for members to pay for items needed for The corporation and then claim and expense reimbursement from it. Not all members are wealthy and this process and the casual approach to money puts the less affluent of of us at a disadvantage.

In short, I would like to establish conditions where the burden of management is shared with you. To prevent the kind of chaotic and toxic situation that currently exists where even well-intentioned actions unleash torrents of abuse on the actor.

If you disapprove of the way things are done you have an obligation to spend your time remedying the situation, and not just complaining. I would like to facilitate this on your behalf. I am under no delusions as to my awesomeness, or any other management nonsense. Competence should suffice, and that I aspire to.

Nominated by: Tim Bene, Josh Melnick