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DEFCON 17: Hackerspaces: The Legal Bases

IRS's maintaining compliance video:


  • "A nonprofit may not redirect the use of funds donated or raised for one purpose to a different purpose. If a donor gives money for a specific purpose, a nonprofit cannot use the funds for a different purpose. If a nonprofit wants to redirect such funds, it must obtain permission from the donors or file suit seeking permission from a judge and give notice to the Texas Attorney General of the suit."
  • These documents clarify disclosure and acknowledgement requirements for donors:


  • "All nonprofits must maintain the following information at the registered or principal office of the nonprofit in Texas:
    • names and addresses of members, if any, entitled to vote;"
  • "Nonprofits must prepare an annual report of financial activity for the preceding year. Nonprofits must prepare or approve an annual report that must include a statement of support, revenue and expenses, changes in fund balances, a statement of functional expenses, and balance sheets for all funds. The report must conform to accounting standards as promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Sec. 22.352)."