June 2010 Adafruit Group Buy

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This project has been completed.
If you would like to expand on this project, we suggest creating a new project page.

Adafruit now allows hackerspaces to get distributor pricing on orders of $250 or more. Discounts vary for items, but in general the discount schedule goes like this:

  • Qty 1 to 9, 10% off
  • Qty 10 to 24, 20% off
  • Qty 25 to 49, 30% off
  • Qty 50+, 40% off

As you can see, it pays for us to order a bunch of the same thing.

Ed has signed up for the distributor account, so he'll be coordinating the Group Buy. Shipping costs will be split amongst all buyers. Everything will be shipped to Ed, who'll divvy things up at an upcoming meeting.

Group Buy Sign Up

Please add entry for what you'll pay for. Since only someone with a distributor account can see the actual pricing, Ed will come through and update the actual prices.

Please follow the first entry in format.

Group Buy Totals

  • Ed Paradis: $78
  • Alyssa Pipe: $107
  • Peter Smith: $230
  • Haley Moore: $49
  • Mike Metzger: $20
  • Final total: $484 (MUST BE OVER $250!)

UPDATE: Ed has submitted the order! Delivery date pending...

EVEN MORE UPDATE: The order was delivered in time for the June 10th 2010 meeting! Everyone got their stuff and people even assembled a few kits that night.

Pricing for specific Items