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Hi, this is my page, I have some cool stuff on my personal website and at DEAD1E C0FFEE. You can also find me on facebook

I am interested in hydroponics and have a number of related projects:

  1. Plastic used to suspend grow cups over a fish tank.
  2. Arduino temperature measurement.
  3. Nutrient Film drip system.
  4. Easy and inexpensive greenhouses.
  5. Greater competency in measuring nutrients instead of flushing them every few weeks.
  6. LED grow lights.

I usually get out to Abundant Harvest Hydroponics about once a month or so.

I also started a project where I can use shell scripting to generate projects for the laser cutter.

Finally, I am interested in something that I call wheelchair robot. The idea is simply that plenty of people are working on motion and it is still pretty clunky and expensive. Since the world is very much wheelchair friendly, a robot can focus on other tasks such at building things or social interaction (Ozug's idea).