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  • Alyssa says the 24"x18" is not cost effective compared to other options.
  • Lampy says the laser tubes of lasers 90w and above are higher quality and have a longer life.
    • "Our high end 90w and higher tubes feature all metal electrode design are rated for 10,000+ hrs and have 4x the cutting power of the 60w tubes. Capable of cutting over 1/2" thick acrylic and woods."
    • "90 Watt (3x longer life/4x power)"
  • Haley is concerned about the lasers larger than 24"x18" fitting through the door.
    • Robert says the front door can be and needs to be disassembled (so we can fix the flexing).
    • None of the door frames are wider than 40".
  • Haley says the larger models will not fit in the current space; requests a plan be put in place for a different location (possibly on the other side of the wall from the current location, so the vent won't have to be moved very far?)
  • Will a 120W laser torch paper even on 100%?
    • Paul Wilson says the power can be dialed down so it cuts paper just fine.

Financing Options

  • Will cost an extra 7-11% according to robert.
  • We have around 7-8k for a down payment.

Do we get a discount for participating in Red Bull Creation? -Haley

  • Looks like participants from last year's red bull creation got a $350 discount. Someone needs to call and ask.