PR Committee Meeting 20120925

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Agenda for PR Committee Meeting 9-25-2012

  • Go over prior meeting Action Items
  • Approve Prior Meeting Minutes
  • Agenda Item One: Tanner Electronics
    • Start list of confirmed projects
    • Who can we reach out to at the space to participate?
  • Agenda Item Two: Sticker Drive
    • Recap how much has been pledged
    • Talk about color idea
  • Agenda Item Three: Open House
    • Talk about break down of scheduling
    • Talk about give-aways
    • Talk about media packet
    • Discuss Wiki that Nicole will be making for easy sign up.
  • Agenda Item Four: College Flyer Design
    • Talk about designs for the flyers
    • Get wording for flyers solidified

Open/New Business


PR Committee Meeting 9-25-2012 Nicole LeCody John Haskins Ed Kim Andrew LeCody Nick Sainz Sarah Scott

Prior meeting minutes have been gone through

Action Item: Track down location of fabric for curtain for the classroom screen

  • Agenda Item One: Tanner Electronics
    • People to Contact About Project:
      • Greg Needel
      • Possibly rope off a section for the forge?
      • Craig MacPhearson
      • Contact members that have Rep-Raps
      • Test out the bleach shirts for a possible demo onsite
      • Payne or Romeo to bring quadcopters?
      • Spin Art Device?
    • Need to write up a blog about the event and post by end of next week.
    • Make sure to bring business cards and postcards to event. Make sure to have Open House Flyers ready to distribute at the event.

Action Item: Make a Tanner Electronics 2012 Wiki Page.

  • Agenda Item Two: Car Stickers
    • Colors: Colors are still being decided. Options are a white background with full logo coloring or a white on clear background or purple on a clear background
    • Pledged so far for car stickers: $55 dollars. Collected $10 so far.

Action Item: Have Nick send us the CMYK code for the purple used for the stickers.

  • Agenda Item Three: Open House
    • Suggested we clear our the lounge for more display/demo space. If nothing else, remove couches for the day and put up chairs in the their place for more seating.
    • Put together proposal for Board for the purchase of colored plastics to use in the laser cutter for give aways.
    • Suggestions for Bio Room Demos:
      • Talks on the hydroponics system
      • DNA Extraction from strawberries
      • Non-nutonium (SP?) fluid
      • Tornado 2 liter kits (could be bought with a donation) -have a few onsite for demostration and to play with.
    • Andrew will order more robot badges
    • Potential Giveaways/Freebies:
      • Water Tattooes that say DMS
      • Embroidery Art (Nicole) with DIY directions and template
      • Laser cut keychains
    • Speak to the board about purchasing the meat again this year.
    • John and Sarah will host a blacksmith demo (Time TBA)
    • Raffle Ideas:
      • Panda Board?
      • Talk to board about donating a year's membership for raffle, or a couple one month free
      • See if Tanner's has something they can donate to raffle off
    • Get board to approve the purchase of DMS shirts to sell during the event.
    • Media Ideas:
      • Make Magazine
      • Dallas Observer
      • Instructables?
      • Personal Blogs: speak with members that maintain personal blogs and see if they wouldn't mind advertising on their blog.
      • Local News Stations: Get together a press release. Suggested we send a few promo pieces like keychains in the packet.
      • Haley: Potentially write a piece in the Coppell newsletter?
      • Post ads in the local Colleges

Action Item: Get .pdf flyers posted to the wiki if they are not already there.

  • Agenda Item Four: College Flyers
    • Three Sections to Advertise:
      • Metal/Woodworking
      • Art/Photography
      • Electronics/Robotics

Action Item: Nicole to mock up flyers by next meeting.

  • New Business:
    • Write up proposal for the board requesting a monthly budget of 50 dollars to be used for the purposes of PR.
    • Sarah brought a desk puzzle piece from Greg Needel and it was suggested we could easily sell these with the phrase “Nothing is Impossible” on one side and Dallas Makerspace on the other.
    • New Member Sign Up:
      • Andrew and Peter are working on software that will streamline the sign up process and automate a lot of the billing. This will entail the creation of several public use terminals.

Next Meeting: October 9th at 7pm.