FT Mini Cruiser

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FT Mini Cruiser

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From the Flitetest Swappables Series, The FT Mini Cruiser is a tiny twin that's easy to fly. It's a small, yet versatile platform with stable flight characteristics that is capable of moderate acrobatics. It has a slow cruising speed and unlimited vertical which makes it incredibly easy to fly, and the under cambered wing tips give it an easy stall to manage as well. While it doesn't fly fast, and is somewhat of a battery-hog, it is a great platform for FPV and experimenting with things like differential thrust and flaperons. The internal space is quite compact, making it unsuitable for more advanced builds including autopilots and GPS. Construction is easy, and also forgiving, which makes it a great plane for a beginner scratch-builder. It's easy to hand launch/belly land so I usually opt NOT to use the wheels, but they have been included anyways! :)

It's a great plane because it's so small! It'll easily stow in a back seat or trunk fully assembled and ready to go at a moment's notice! Its slow cruise makes it good for nearly any parking lot when you just need to kill some time, but still agile enough that, with a little more room, you can open it up and do a few barrel rolls!

Flitetest Planes

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Wing Span 32 inches (813 mm)
Weight (without battery) 270g
Radio 4 channel minimum
Recommended Motor 1806-2204 size, 2000-2300kV (250 mini quad motors)
Recommended ESC 10-30A
Recommended Battery 500-1000 mAh 3s
Servos (4) 5g Micro
Prop 5x3 (tractor)

Motor Mount

3d printed out of ABS

Control Horns

3D printed out of ABS


To build, you will need the following things:

2 sheets of Dollar Tree foam board

1 sheet Poster Board

Wire Coat Hanger (only if using landing gear)

BBQ Skewer

Packing Tape

Hot glue

ABS Filament

Laser and 3D Printer Files

Foam Board #1

Foam Board #2

Poster Board

Motor Mounts

Control Horns

These power settings work well on the Lasersaur with Dollar Tree foam board:

Color Action Feed Rate Power Level Passes
Black Cut 1500 25 1
Red Score 1500 12 1
Blue Etch 1500 6 1

3D Printing

ABS should be used for strength, and parts should be printed at high-density.


The Official Flite Test Build video:

FT Mini Cruiser build.